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Seamless Integration & Flexible Billing:
Effortless and swift configuration (no need for capital expenditure) to achieve smooth read-only integration with ERP systems (e.g., Sage, Syspro, SAP, and more). Data and documents are automatically archived securely in the cloud without the requirement for any new hardware. Benefit from adaptable monthly SaaS billing with the flexibility to cancel at your convenience.


Why Now:
In thе еra of rеmotе work еxpansion, businеssеs grapplе with documеnt flow and accеssibility. Stringеnt data protеction rulеs еmphasizе controllеd and sеcurе documеnt managеmеnt. Embracing automation boosts staff productivity, opеrational еfficiеncy, and customеr еngagеmеnt, driving businеss growth and sustainability.


Who can benefit from Capisol? Businesses seeking a solution for secure, compliant, and centralized data and document access anytime, anywhere. Our automation streamlines distribution, boosting cash flow and efficiency. Save on communication, printing, storage costs, and safeguard data from disasters.

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Your path to easy and efficient digitization

The digital landscape

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of today, mere digitization is insufficient. The key lies in guaranteeing that your venture into the digital realm yields real, tangible benefits and propels your business to new heights. We proudly present Capisol, experts in the seamless integration with accounting software like Sage, JDE, and Microsoft, enabling the automatic creation and secure dissemination and linking of documents. Capisol's solutions are carefully designed to transform your business operations, liberating precious time and resources that are usually expended on manual duties.

maximizing returns in the digital era

As a frontrunner in the industry, Capisol emphasize that digitalization is more than just a process. Their commitment lies in ensuring that businesses derive substantial value and enhancement by wholeheartedly embracing the digital domain through the smooth integration with their current accounting systems, delivering a multitude of advantages such as improved cash flow, time savings with enhanced staff efficiency, and substantial cost reductions.

Secure Cloud-Based Platform:

Capisol recognize the paramount importance of safeguarding sensitive information. This is why they will work together with you to establish top-notch protocols for data privacy and protection. Their dedicated team offers comprehensive training and support to guarantee the responsible management of sensitive information.

They  are deeply committed to the security of your documents. Through our resilient and fortified cloud-based platform, we guarantee the continuous protection of your sensitive data. Utilizing advanced measures such as end-to-end encryption and sophisticated access controls, you can rest assured that your documents are in secure hands.”

Your Data, Our Priority:

Efficient Digitalization Process:

capisol saygood bye to paperwork

Goodbye to Paperwork
& Manual Tasks:

Tired of drowning in paperwork and manual data entry? Ready to propel your business into the future by going paperless and digital?

Capisol seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting system, enabling the generation of financial documents directly from your ERP system. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy the convenience of automated document creation. These generated documents are securely archived in the cloud, ensuring easy access whenever you need them.

Auto - Split and Link Documents:

With Capisol, organizing your documents becomes a breeze. Simply scan and upload signed supporting documents, and their intelligent system automatically splits the batches and efficiently links each document to its relevant invoice. This streamlined process eliminates the hassle of manual sorting and saves you valuable time.

 Efficient Organization:


Secure Access and Storage:


Store & Access Documents Anywhere, Anytime:

All your documents are securely stored in the Capisol cloud, allowing you to access them from anywhere, using any device. No more digging through physical files or being tied to a specific location. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of having your documents readily available at your fingertips.


Speed Up Payments, Cut Queries, Secure Distribution:

Capisol goes beyond document management by providing a secure document distribution feature. With this functionality, you can effortlessly share selected documents with your vendors. They can then simply click on a document to access the necessary invoice or supporting document. This streamlined process minimizes queries and accelerates the overall workflow.”

Beyond Document Management:


Safeguard Your Business:


Compliance For
Tax Requirements:

Capisol recognize that ensuring compliance with tax requirements is a crucial element when transitioning to a paperless and digital environment. They have have a deep understanding of the complexities of tax laws and are dedicated to providing comprehensive compliance services. Their goal is to align your distributed documents with legal requirements, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your business operates within the bounds of the law

Effortless Collaboration for a Connected Work Force:

Capisol solutions empower your employees by equipping them with the necessary tools to collaborate and work efficiently. Our platform facilitates seamless collaboration, enabling team members to access and edit documents in real-time. With Capisol, your workforce can stay connected and productive, regardless of their location.

Collaborative Efficiency:


Exceptional Customer Experience:


Engage Your Customers:

Deliver a personalized experience for your customers. Capisol’s platform provides a range of features, including document sharing, electronic signatures, and customizable workflows, allowing you to engage with your customers in a meaningful way. Impress your clients with a smooth and professional document management process.

Adopting Best Practices
for Digital Operations:

Capisol  provide a comprehensive solution to optimize your business processes. Their platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, offering valuable insights and analytics to inform decision-making.

Unlock your business’s full potential with Capisol’s intelligent automation and streamlined workflows. Going digital involves adopting best practices for efficient operations beyond scanning documents.

Their team  analyzes your unique operations, providing guidance and support during implementation. They recognize the individuality of each business and offer tailored solutions to meet specific needs, working closely with their experts to develop a comprehensive plan addressing all your paperless and digital requirements, helping you reach your goals.

An All-Inclusive Solution:


Secure Cloud Based Document Storage:


Automatic linking of all related documents.Automated delivery of secure linked documents.


Cloud based scanning engine.

Scan from any location.


Automatic delivery of linked documents to a mobile device.


Automatic routing and handling of documents.


Secure forms for collection of data and documents.


Legally sign or approve documents digitally on any device.


Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) featuring delivery scheduling and customer signature on a digital interface.

Introducing Capisols
Cutting-Edge Cloud Solutions!


Easy Document Management with Cloud Integration

  • Scan documents from any location
  • Enable automatic cloud-based splitting and linking
  • Securely distribute with detailed tracking
  • Safely archive in the cloud
  • Enable quick retrieval on any device


Streamlined Credit-to-Cash Cycle with Capisol Cloud

  • Automate credit-to-cash cycle with Capisol cloud
  • Flow engine for document lifecycle management, enhancing control and visibility
  • Mobile integration for efficient document delivery to consumer devices via SMS



Simplify ePOD Handling with Mobile Signing and Cloud Upload

  • Efficient ePOD handling
  • Mobile signing and cloud upload
  • Vendor forms for engagement and upload
  • Integrated traceable approvals
  • No more printing/scanning needed.


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