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May, 2024


Get ready for an unforgettable experience of innovation and inspiration at BAASS Connect, an annual exclusive event hosted by BAASS Business Solution.

Prepare to be energized and empowered for a day filled with innovative solutions from Sage Canada, expert BAASS consultants and ISV partners. Network with other industry leaders and explore products from a variety of sponsors.

Including Silver Sponsor GraniteWMS, BeyondERPtech’s most valued warehouse management esteemed ISV Partner.  


Previous EVENTS

11 – 14th
April 2024

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TPAC South Africa 2024 - Promo

Third Party Advantage Conference Southern Africa, Gathered at the scenic Champagne Sports Resort, over a 107 Sage 300 ISVs and VARs enjoyed the mountains of Drakensberg. This year’s four-day event featured an impressive lineup of 3rd party development partner products that integrate seamlessly with Sage 300 and Sage 200. We certainly missed the Middle Eastern contingent and several Sage 200 VARs.

With four new exhibitors, including BeyondERPtech, the networking and discussions were evident from the start. The event took place at the Champagne Resort, which offered excellent facilities, and the Exhibition Hall Welcome Reception had a casual atmosphere with a tremendous walk-through crowd.

Craig Bloeme and Eddie Sweeney from Sage Africa gave a positive keynote speech on the event’s second day. They discussed some significant marketing initiatives from both VARs and ISVs and acknowledged the support for Sage 300 and Sage 200. The day was filled with various sessions, and that night’s Costume Ball – “Super Heroes” event was a highlight.

On the third day, there were two keynotes. The first one was by Mich, covering “New Horizons: The Strategic Evolution of Sage 300 and Its Community.” It included some content from the Vancouver event. The second keynote was given by Craig Collins, who talked about AI, and many attendees received it well—the night capped off with the ISV Awards Ceremony. Congratultions to the 16 award recipients.

That wraps up year two in Africa. Next year we are heading back to Johannesburg and, I am looking forward to many more to come as we introduce incentives for more consultants to be there. Thanks, everyone. Watch this space for a possible TPAC Asia or Sage Asia conference in the next few months

24 -26th
March, 2024

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TPAC Vancouver 2024 - Promo

Third Party Advantage Conference Vancouver, I must say, there is a noticeable shift in the air. It was great to hear from Mark Hickman the recently appointed Managing Director of Sage North America, who spoke at TPAC Vancouver. He validated some of last year’s figures, stating that there are currently 9.7K actively paying licenses for Sage 300 across North America and that Sage will have a more positive approach towards Sage 300.
On the final day, Robert Lavery gave an excellent presentation titled “The Sage 300 Channel Leaving a Legacy” He discussed the benefits of Sage 300, the future of the 3rd party fraternity, and the many VARs that still support Sage 300. 
Robert provided valuable information on the number of sales made, the impact of Intacct, and the future of Sage 300 for many years to come. Once again, thanks to both Sage 300 ISVs and VARs that attended this excellent conference.
We heard from Don Thomson, who did a brilliant presentation titled “Is AI Coming for Your Accounting Job?” It’s safe to say not in a long time!
Again, we look forward to more consultants attending next year, especially from the USA contingent, as we head back to Toronto in 2025.  Watch this space!
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TPAC Toronto 2023 - Opener

TPAC Toronto 2023 was more than just an event; it was a celebration that took the spotlight, marking 20 incredible years of the Third Party Advantage Conference in Canada. This conference opener reflects  a wonderful timeline of venues and attendees who have been part of the Sage 300 ACPAC community over the past 20 years, filled with nostalgia, and reminiscing on the achievements and growth of Sage 300  community. It was inspiring to see how many have remained an integral part of this community, showcasing their commitment and dedication. It was a truly remarkable experience and  look forward to future gatherings that will continue to build upon this rich history.

Big thanks to Doug Ash for his incredible vision and making it a reality two decades ago! 

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TPAC South Africa 2023 - Promo

A long-awaited gathering of the Sage community!After several years without a TPAC SA conference, it was time to bring the Sage community together once again. The event was an overwhelming success, with ERP resellers and vars from across the country in attendance. It truly was a moment to embrace new technologies and offerings, fostering a wonderful reunion of the Sage South Africa community, as well as attracting other global vars and resellers.

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TPAC South Africa 2023 - Opener

What an electrifying start to TPAC SA 2023! This Conference Opener unfolded the incredible journey of TPAC SA conferences, spotlighting the diverse venues and attendees that have left an indelible mark on this South African event. The room brimmed with enthusiasm as participants reminisced about those bygone years, many of whom are still active members of the Sage 300 South Africa community today.

It was a heartwarming reflection and set the stage for the exciting future for the Sage 300 members. The sage fraternity once again came together, with familiar vendors and resellers contributing to this enduring legacy. A truly unforgettable event, filled with positive energy and a sense of camaraderie!


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