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Part 3: Unveiling The Challenges: Why ERP Solutions Often Fall Short Of Even 50% Success!

In Parts 1 and 2, we addressed the importance of clear objectives, change management, data migration, scalability, governance, and performance management in achieving ERP success. Now, in Part 3, we shift our focus to post-implementation challenges and strategies for sustaining success in ERP adoption.

Part 2: Unveiling The Challenges: Why ERP Solutions Often Fall Short Of Even 50% Success!

In Part 1, we discussed the crucial role of clear objectives, effective change management, and understanding customization risks in achieving ERP success. Following several requests for audit questions, we’ve included an Audit Question Sampler from BeyondERPtech for your reference. Now, let’s dive deeper into the technical and organizational challenges organizations face during ERP implementation and identify strategies to navigate them effectively.

Unveiling The Challenges: Why ERP Solutions Often Fall Short Of Even 50% Success!

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions promise streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and improved decision-making. However, achieving a success rate of better than the industry accepted 50% or better stays elusive for many organizations. In this three-part series, we dissect the “hidden” challenges no one talks about and yet companies looking for that elusive perfect solution do need to know. Even if every ERP vendor worldwide says they are the best and why you should stick with them

The GraniteWMS Advantage:
Discovering Untapped Potential

In a bustling city like New York, where skyscrapers dominate the skyline and busy streets are the norm, there lies a hidden treasure trove of opportunities in the warehouse industry. While large-scale operations often steal the spotlight, small to medium-sized warehouses hold immense potential that is waiting to be tapped into, plus the possibilities to be discovered in your region

How Do I Know If I Have All
My Ducks In A Row?

In the world of ERP sales, it’s crucial for account managers to ensure they have all their ducks in a row when dealing with existing customers. Each customer is unique, and the level of engagement varies depending on the size of the business. Whether it’s a small business with direct contact to the owner/CEO or a larger enterprise where interactions are delegated down to department-level managers, it’s important to bridge the gap and maintain a strong relationship.

The Hidden Gem
AGS Wireless Merchant

Are you tired of managing stock for your software ventures and feeling overwhelmed by the sea of inventory? Well, AGS Wireless Merchant is here to save the day! This advanced software is the ultimate sales, order entry, invoicing application that handles inventory in the field with ease.


Getting Better Outcomes
for ERP Resellers

As an ERP reseller, the success of your business hinges on providing value and innovative solutions to your customers. In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, it’s essential to constantly strive for better outcomes in order to stay competitive. This article will explore three key strategies to help ERP resellers improve their business and deliver greater value to their customers.

Finding The Perfect Beat:

The Rhythmic Evolution of ERP Reselling through Experience-Led Growth (ELG)

Embracing Experience-Led Growth (ELG) in the ERP Reseller space feels a lot like hitting the perfect beat in music – it’s that moment when everything falls into place. ELG is reshaping how we navigate the ERP industry, and it takes me back to my early days as a musician. Just like finding the right rhythm for a favorite song, ELG brings a sense of harmony and success to the ERP Reseller industry


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